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Kristofferson doesn’t Die in these Films


Kris Kristofferson doesn’t die in all of his films. If you cannot watch the end of A Star is Born but you enjoy watching Kris Kristofferson on film, here are a few ideas.

This is a list of movies provided by fans, and we will add to it. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Another Pair of Aces

Black Orchid ?

Blood and Orchids

Blue Rodeo

Blume in Love

Cheating Hearts (AKA Paper Hearts)

Christmas in Connecticut

Cisco Pike


Dance With Me

Dolphin Tale 1 & 2



Girls’ Night Out

Heaven’s Gate

Lives of the Saints

(the) Long Kill

Midnight Stallion


Night of the Cyclone

No Place to Hide

Outlaw Justice

Pair of Aces

Paper Hearts AKA Cheating Hearts – (Thank you, Tina!)


Room 10 – A short film




The Greening of Whitney Brown

The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck


Trouble in Mind (?? jury is still out)

Welcome Home

Wooly Boys

TradeWelcome HomeWooly Boys

If you want to add more films to our list of movies where Kristofferson doesn’t die, then drop us a comment.

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