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The Rock

From the Rock, by Kris Kristofferson :

I said, “It’s at least forty feet high, and it’s a rock that looks just like a naked lady.”

“Do you mean…all over?” she said, with a worried look.

“Yes,” I said, and I was going to go on when my father motioned for us to be quiet.


Gone Are The Days

by Kris Kristofferson The man in the white shirt stopped talking and ground a cigarette into an ash tray. The other ten men that filled up the dimly lit living room sat in silence. Then one of them spoke up. “How come you picked Willis, Dad?” He was younger than the rest of the men


Heaven’s Gate Discussion

Heaven’s Gate Review : The excesses are excesses. Effective excesses. Memorable, very memorable, for the color, the character they lend to the film & although they are indeed self indulgent of Mr. Cimino they are so in the way that makes this an artist work, an artist canvas, & not an artist assignment.

Chris Gantry

The Silver Tongued Devils

The Silver Tongued Devil and I is probably one of Kristofferson’s most loved albums of all time. Chris Gantry shared this pic and post from around 1966. I am guessing that some of the songs that made it onto the album were already being born. Pilgrim, Chapter 33 “The Pilgrim, Chapter 33” describes a man

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Chris Gantry

The Narrow Path

The Narrow Path is a new song by Chris Gantry written as a tribute to his friend, Kris Kristofferson.





Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation – Many Kristofferson fans might have never heard it. Anita watched a performance on YouTube and got Fans chatting about it in our Facebook Fan Group. The song is not well known, so these extracts might help others. The Question I have a question, after listening to Kris and Lorrie Morgan sing “Sweet


Scott Joss Interview Feb 2020

Scott Joss chats to Billy Pilgrim on the Billy and Patrick Show ahead of the Scott Joss and Chris Gantry gig at the Cascade Theatre on 16 February 2020. The Scott Joss interview was aired from Redding on 13 February 2020 on Q-97. Country music lovers worldwide can tune in to the channel on-line (including

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Kristofferson @PlazaLive, Orlando 27 January 2020

Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers performed at the Plaza Live, Orlando on 27 January 2020 Doug Colosio Signing Flyers View this post on Instagram Back to work!!! 🙄🖒 A post shared by Doug Colosio (@dougcolosio) on Jan 26, 2020 at 12:26pm PST View this post on Instagram Jeff took a rather interesting picture of the


“Sour Grapes”

Nowadays, there are accolades and acclaim when children excel in the arts. Parents beam with pride, teachers and trainers line up to tell us how it happened on national tv. It wasn’t always like that. Truth be told – there is a long tradition of children and young people writing and performing their music without


The Writing of the Outlaw Bible 2020

by Chris Gantry – Shared on New Years Day 2020 Over this year I have posted excerpts of what I call “The Outlaw Bible“. What is the Outlaw Bible? It is a book of insights into the world of the creative spirit that is responsible for all the beauty on the earth, principles that might

Fan Talent

The Bartender

A song by Gary Allan Smith She walked into the pool hall Eyed the bartender standing there She eased down through the tables Said, “Hey mister, I’ll have a cold one right here, and if you’re talking to some guy tonight with a broken heart – Lonesome at best – Send him over, I’ll let

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