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Kris Kristofferson on Freedom

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Fans favourite lines

Question : What is your favourite Kris line about Freedom?

Answers :

Comments : Iconic, profound

Comments : Spiritual reference, religious imagery

  • Achin’ with the feelin’ of the freedom of an eagle when she flies (When I Loved Her)
  • There ain’t no chain as strong as the will to be free (Third World Warrior)

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  • Lord, help me to shoulder, the burden of freedom
    And give me the courage, to be what I can
    And when I have wounded; the last one who loved me.
    God help her forgive me, I don’t understand (Burden of Freedom)
  • It’s not so bad out here living alone, comfort’s a stranger away. And there’s a freedom you find on your own, that’s nearly worth what you pay. (Daddy’s Song)

NB: To the Bone is an often unfairly ignored album. It might be that it is connected in some way to the far more recent Closer to the Bone album. Both albums included some deeply personal, intense songs. Kris explores human emotion and spirituality through his own experiences and the viewpoints of others.

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