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Fading into obscurity is never an option in the minds of we who have labored over self expression.

Three dimensionally speaking, the urgency of artists is but a paramour in scarlet, bewitching in execution but doomed to the eroding effects of time. So lets not placate this beautiful extinction and charge like crazed bikers into the deluge of creativity forsaking all handles , genres, formats. styles, and classifications linking us to anything remotely connected to order of any kind, and link our charge to the unknown, those uncharted waters of breathtaking awe and awareness where everything is delightfully new and pristine.

This in my old visionary eyes I feel is we have always belonged, outside of the tepid constraints of unoriginality.

This is the land of promise and authentic wonder.

Chris Gantry

50 years of songwriting and performing, Chris Gantry (like Kris Kristofferson) is still living and singing outlaws they are. Too many artists from the era have been lost to us, but a few are still on the road and singing their (and our) stories.


Chris Gantry released Nashlantis on July 26, 2019

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