Kristofferson @ Canberra

Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers performed at Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on 25 September 2019. Jen Seyderhelm was there. She tells us about her experience on the night.

A new project idea I am dabbling with. A Mum, aged 42, goes out on random weeknights and gets her gig on.

J Seyderhelm 27 September 2019

On the day of Kris’s concert, I had a job interview. To unwind afterwards I popped into my favourite second hand shop where they had a couple of country music love song albums for the princely sum of $1 each. Two caught my eye and, as I entered the shop proper, I left them with the elderly gent behind the counter so that I didn’t have to carry them around.

About a minute later, Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire bursts out of the store speakers. I’m surprised, as usually when you buy a CD the shop doesn’t voluntarily play it for you. The elderly gent had found my music taste to his liking. He’d also found that the second album, which I had not yet checked, actually contained two Foster and Allen CDs.

We had a bizarre conversation where he thought I was trying to sneak out with some Foster and Allen, and I was trying to make sure I still got my country, when a woman jostled me from behind.

She was in her seventies and shimmying around the shop like a debutant.

“Oh, I love this music. It makes me feel like dancing!” And she spun off again around a clothes rack. I felt I was in a safe space so I announced to everyone,

“I’m seeing Kris Kristofferson tonight.” The shimmying woman came up to me a couple of minutes later and said,
“I saw him twice! Once in 1984. I also saw him in America. I lived there for a few years. That’s where I fell in love with country music. And bourbon.”

My date for Kris is the person who idolises him more than anyone in Australia, possibly in the entire universe. This person recently sent me a screen shot of their email account. I noticed that they had individual folders for family and friends and then about five folders for Kris! I teased them that Kris was the love of their life. He simply agreed.

Prior to the concert there was an article in the paper reviewing Kris’s concert in Melbourne the previous weekend. There were references to being in the “presence of greatness” and the voice being a bit wispy (Kristofferson is 83 after all). Having seen Burt Bacharach about a year before, who’d utilised backing singers (a good idea, based on his extensive repertoire) over his voice (merely a whisper) made me worry a little about this hero not living up to expectations. As Kris walked carefully to the microphone, I held my breath.

And then he sang.

Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on 25 September 2019. ‘Photo Credit, Jayce Flaxman

Yes, his voice is not quite what it was, but the poetry and the magic remained. Yes, there was very little banter and at times it felt like the warmth of the bond he shares with the fiddle man from the Strangers, Scott Joss, physically held him up, but, as my concert buddy said, “he’s still Kris.”

If you’ve ever stood on stage at a gig, you’ll know that once the stage lights are up and the audience lights go down, you can’t see your mother in the front row. We were that “mother” in the front row and yet I felt like Kris was singing to me. Scott was definitely making eye contact. I swear I got a wink. The first half before intermission was so deeply personal an experience that I ran out of tissues.

Whenever Kris would hit you in the heart, he’d pair it up with something silly or lighter to follow. Jesus was a Capricorn was a romping stomping delight.

Jesus Was A Capricorn

Toward the conclusion I blew Kris a kiss. Obviously, mid song, he was in no position to catch it and throw it back, but I know it landed on his cheek, and that he felt it. When the final song, Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends, was done, Kris was whisked off stage and the lights came up before the stamping and encore cheers could start proper. The great man was done. He won’t return to Australia.

Scott Joss came out to help pack up. He was as lovely and warm in person as he had been on stage. He’d seen us. Those moments where it felt like Kris was singing for me alone were real.

Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on 25 September 2019. ‘Photo Credit, Jayce Flaxman

Sunday night I’m going to enjoy my first death metal concert. Until then, Kris, Scott and outlaw country will help me make it through tonight.

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By Ilene Armstrong – Ontario








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Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation – Many Kristofferson fans might have never heard it. Anita watched a performance on YouTube and got Fans chatting about it in our Facebook Fan Group. The song is not well known, so these extracts might help others.

The Question

I have a question, after listening to Kris and Lorrie Morgan sing “Sweet Temptation”. I really like that song, and so far as I am aware, Kris has never recorded it. Does anyone know otherwise? I can’t even find the lyrics anywhere, so I don’t know if he ever published it either. There are other songs of the same name, but I can’t find any lyrics for this version. I tried transcribing it from this performance, but it’s difficult, especially when Lorrie sings, because she holds the microphone so close to her mouth. Since Kris is playing the guitar, he is further from the mic and you can do a better job of catching the lyrics. Let me know if any of you have encountered any information about this sexy little song?

Anita Lay

The Performance

Jackie Boyle found the video that started the discussion. Kris Kristofferson and Lorrie Morgan performing Sweet Temtation

Kris Kristofferson and Lorrie Morgan – Sweet Temtation

Sweet Temptation – Song Lyrics

Hello, sweet temptation, you are such an old surprise
We’ve got all the feelin’s down by heart
Thank you for the welcome shot of welcome in your eyes
Let me tell the truth before we start.

Don’t you go no closer to the hunger in my heart
You know the danger if you do
Love is wild enough to tear the universe apart
I ain’t gonna take that chance with you.

“Cause I love my woman now, and I love my kids
I believe in tryin’ to be true
So I don’t fool around no more, sweetheart, but if I did
I’d sure like to fool around with you.

Hey, you old coyote, you don’t look so bad to me
I ain’t scared of anything you do
It just tears me up inside to know for just a while
I could even make believe in you.

But I love my woman now, and I love my kids
I believe in tryin’ to be true
So I don’t fool around no more, sweetheart, but if I did
I’d sure like to fool around with you.

Hello sweet temptation, you are such an old surprise.

The Experts

Kris’ fans are loyal and dedicated – They are also experts. Individually, every fan has a favourite something – song, era, performance, lyric, venue or topic. Collectively, they know everything I have ever asked or wondered about Kris Kristofferson – Though they might not always tell 🙂

The Discussion

I remember hearing this one, a favorite for sure, at several concerts, but not sure if it was ever released on any album. On Lori’s verses, she sings: “Hey, you old coyote, you don’t look so bad to me, I ain’t scared of anything you do. It just tears me up inside to know for just a while, I could even make believe in you.”

Emily Gmitter

I don’t think it was ever recorded I had a copy of it on a cassette from a recording at a concert many years ago and thought that was the only record of it I was delighted to see the video. There were a couple more on there I’ve never heard since I think one was called Paper Heart.

Brigit Freeman

I think Paper Heart may have been sung by Elvis in the movie GI Blues. Not positive though

Laura Nickerson Papineau

I don’t remember Kris associated in any way with Paper Heart….now I’ll be tearing my brain up trying to recall any song with a reference to “paper heart”….maybe it was in the song, and Brigit just thought that was the title. But my brain keeps coming up empty.


With Mickey Raphael on harmonica …..

Victoria Gensheimer Doula

Mickey Raphael is not the only familiar face among the musicians. There are several musicians who appeared in Don Was’s documentary on the Highwaymen when they did their final album “The Road Goes On Forever” — the drummer, one of the guitarists, and Don Was is there, too. I recognize his hair and his hat. I’m not sure why they seemed to be the house band for this show, but they were.

Anita Lay

The Film – Paper / Cheating Hearts

Emily found the song on Tina Stapelfeldt’s channel, with the note, “The song is with the end credits to the movie “Paper Hearts” aka “Cheating Hearts” (1993)”

Kris Kristofferson plays a very small part in this film, most of the clips where he does appear are in the video.

The film was released under two names, Paper Hearts and Cheating Hearts – Adding to the confusion. Emily is going to watch the DVD and might tell us more later. We were all very pleased to hear that Kris Kristofferson does not die in this film, and we added it to our list.

In Summary

No known audio recording of the Kris Krsitofferson song Sweet Temptation has been published or released. The song has been performed on stage, and appears in the credits of a film. The lyrics have now been transcribed and checked by Kris’ fans. If you have anything to add, please leave us a comment.

Scott Joss Interview Feb 2020

Scott Joss chats to Billy Pilgrim on the Billy and Patrick Show ahead of the Scott Joss and Chris Gantry gig at the Cascade Theatre on 16 February 2020.

The Scott Joss interview was aired from Redding on 13 February 2020 on Q-97. Country music lovers worldwide can tune in to the channel on-line (including via Alexa)

Pics from the Gig @ Cascades

The Broadcast

Billy Pilgrim’s interview style is a relaxed and conversational. Scott Joss shares his thoughts and highlights from the last few years and his next gig with Chris Gantry.

The Interview Feb 13th

Scott Joss Interview Topics

How Far to Jordan – the latest Scott Joss album

Scott and Judy

Scott Joss and Chris Gantry tour dates

Appearing on stage with Chris Gantry on Sunday

The recent Kris Kristofferson world tour – Do they know who Kris is in Iceland?

Kris Kristofferson, a Worldwide Phenomenom

Fire Victim Fundraiser, Cascade 2019

Outlaw andCountry Cruise

Carlene Carter and visiting Johnny and June’s house in Jamaica

Chris Gantry, the original outlaw

Merle and Dwight

Scott Joss – National Fiddler HOF

Scott’s music teacher closes a loop by attending the Induction

Scott’s fiddle – The story

Playing for the hometown

Billy Pilgrim, Chris Gantry and Scott Joss – Pic credit L W Robbins

Kristofferson @PlazaLive, Orlando 27 January 2020

Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers performed at the Plaza Live, Orlando on 27 January 2020

Doug Colosio Signing Flyers

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Back to work!!! 🙄🖒

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Nearly Time …

Kris Kristofferson on stage @PlazaLive

Credit to ScottJossFan for the Video Uploads – Great channel.

Credit ScottJossFan
Visit the ScottJossFan Channel

More Fan Feedback

After the Gig

Last night’s show in Orlando was wonderful. The crowd was amazing and Kris was in fine form as well as the band.. We had a great time and I hope we get to return in not too much time! Heading to Miami now for the night before the big cruise hotel stay…  🙂 Watching the roadside for Alligators.

Doug Colosio


Kris Kristofferson Clearwater 26 January 2020

Doug Colosio celebrated his birthday. Birthday wishes go out to our favourite keys man.

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Party on!! 🙄

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Arriving – Tampa

From the Audience

Clearwater Gig Review 26 January 2020

Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers appeared at the Capitol Theatre with Robert Earl Keen on 26 Jan 2020.

Each song showcased Kristofferson’s gift for letting lyrics tumble out of him, each syllable more unexpected than the last, until they form a perfect stanza: the picturesque scene-setting of Here Comes That Rainbow Again, the devastating desperation of Help Me Make It Through the Night, the precise, playful character construction of The Pilgrim, Chapter 33. If you listened to the words, you’d get swept away in the heart of From Here to Forever, the seductive poetry of Casey’s Last Ride, the earnest gospel of Why Me.

Full Concert Review

An Extract from the Review

The night had the feel of a farewell, especially the way Kristofferson closed the show: with songs that explicitly said goodbye, like For the Good Times (“Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over …”) and Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends (“This could be our last goodnight together …”). But the hope and optimism he injected into Sunday Morning Coming Down, that all-time songwriter’s-songwriter song about shaking off the night before, made you feel he might not be done.

Jay Cridlin

A Fan Comment

It was a great concert. I think that when he decides to stop traveling, he will tell us that it will be his final tour. Until then I look forward to seeing him again.

Laura Papineau

“Sour Grapes”

Nowadays, there are accolades and acclaim when children excel in the arts. Parents beam with pride, teachers and trainers line up to tell us how it happened on national tv. It wasn’t always like that.

Truth be told – there is a long tradition of children and young people writing and performing their music without any fuss at all. Kris Kristofferson wrote his first song, I Hate Your Ugly Face when he was eleven. I don’t know when Tom Ghent wrote his first song, but this one from his teens, Sour Grapes, has everything that I love in a tune. From the mouths of babes, huh?

Listen Up

Where’d THAT Come From?

Best to let the artist tell it himself.

I wrote this song when I was 15… It falls somewhere between an anti-love song, and a protest song…. I really don’t know why, but by the mid-60s a whole bunch of folk singers had this as part of their “sing-along” repertoire….My late great friend, Hamilton Camp, is singing along with me on this cut, and Mama Cass put it out on 2 of her LPs in the early 70s….. Go figure !!!

Tom Ghent


When no more raindrops can fall from the sky,
All the mighty oceans have gone and are dry,
And the summer sun’s just as cold as the snow,
That’s when I’ll love you, baby,
That’s how you’ll know


Oh, but I'm only saying all this to make you feel bad
You could have been the best love that I've ever had
And then one day you turned your back on me
And it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me, don't ya

Now when every generation of children has grown and when all of man’s ideals have been overthrown and when the seeds of life are no longer being sown I will – that’s when I’ll need you, baby,
and call you my own


 Oh, but I'm only saying all this to make you feel bad
You could have been the best love that I've ever had
And then one day you turned your back on me
And it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me, don't ya

When just one key can open each and every door,
Yes, and when God and Mother don’t mean nothin’ anymore,
When there’s no fightin’ on any foreign shore – Ah well
That’s when you’ll know that I want you back once more


 Oh, but I'm only saying all this to make you feel bad
You could have been the best love that I've ever had
And then one day you turned your back on me
And it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me, don't ya
 it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me,  don't ya

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Outlaw Bible

The Writing of the Outlaw Bible 2020

by Chris Gantry – Shared on New Years Day 2020

Over this year I have posted excerpts of what I call “The Outlaw Bible“.

What is the Outlaw Bible?

It is a book of insights into the world of the creative spirit that is responsible for all the beauty on the earth, principles that might even apply to things that happen after we leave this world.

Nashville Inspired

Being on the Nashville music scene since 1963 has made me privy to see a lot of wild and crazy stuff go down with the vibrant cast of characters I was connected too, and believe me, I was right in the thick of it along with them. I watched everything, heard everything, kept my ears open and sucked up all of those morsels of knowledge that swirled around me for decades.

We are the sum of all people we have ever metyou change the tribe and the tribe changes you.

Dirk Wittenborn – Fierce People

Real People

From each person I met, I took something of their creativity and added into my toolbox, styles, shapes, visions, revelations, and knowledge so that over time my own personal style of writing had the earmarks of all those iconic influences that were available to me without withholding or reservation; talk about being blessed, man!!!

Creative Manifesto

I took all those things that were given to me all these years and put them into a creative manifesto called “The Outlaw Bible” which contains the sum total of a life of playing in the sandbox of the creative spirit.


The writings do not tell anyone how to do anything but rather serves as a road map into the world of the spirit that if one takes that awesome honest leap, somewhere out there they will find the keys to the kingdom just as I have in the same spirit that Indiana Jones discovered the lost arc of the covenant.

It would behove any professional artist or novice to delve into it; it is meant to make the journey a bit more magical.

The Outlaw Bible is in its final edit and will be made available in 2020

Credit: Featured pic is FreeArt


The Bartender

A song by Gary Allan Smith

She walked into the pool hall

Eyed the bartender standing there

She eased down through the tables

Said, “Hey mister, I’ll have a cold one right here, and if you’re talking to some guy tonight with a broken heart – Lonesome at best – Send him over, I’ll let the cold ones do the rest “.

And the bartender grinned

Turned his back & popped the top

Strolled down to her table at the far end of the bar

And a thought came to his mind

And he guessed he’d be right

He may save two lonesome soul’s today – From being lonely tonight.

He walked into the pool hall

Eyed the bartender standing there

He eased onto a barstool

Said, “Hey mister, I’ll have a whiskey right here -And if you’re talking to some gal tonight with a broken heart – Lonesome at best – Point her out son I’ll let the whiskey do the rest “.

And the bartender grinned

Turned his back & poured the shot

Pointed to her table at the far end of the bar

And it never crossed his mind

If he’s wrong or he’s right

He just saved two lonesome soul’s today – From being lonely tonight.

They walked out from the pool hall

Past the bartender smiling there

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Scott Joss – National Fiddler Hall of Fame – It just sounds so …. right.

Scott Joss has been sharing the stage with Kris Kristofferson for a few years now. Doug Colosio, Jeff Ingraham (and sometimes the Haggard boys) complete the lineup.

Credit: Patrick Trujillo

We were thrilled to hear this news from Scott’s camp.

Scott just informed us that he was recently contacted by Jana Jae (his first fiddle teacher and Buck Owens’ first female Buckaroo!) that he is going to be inducted into the NATIONAL FIDDLER HALL OF FAME on April 18th, 2020, Kris has agreed to perform with him and it will be Scott’s night to shine! We don’t have any other details yet – and will keep everyone updated as we know more. We wanted you all to be one of the first to know.

Scott Joss Appreciation Group – Facebook

If you want to learn more about Scott or add your congratulations, visit the group. They are a really friendly bunch and most of the members are avid Kris fans, too.

Scott has a great talent – and an equally amazing spirit. Keep your eyes open for more details.

Photo Credit – Scott Joss Appreciation Group – Facebook