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Untrivial Facts

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Eavesdropping on Tom Ghent

Joan Baez

If you listen closely you will hear Joan Baez singing behind me on this song of mine which I recorded in 1971. I did the same for her on her recording of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down“…. And Lord knows I love my friends !

Bobby Bare covered Tom Ghent’s Easy as Dreaming, released on the Sony label in 1983.

Tim Hardin

I knew Tim Hardin as far back as our Greenwich Village days, when I was playing a basket house, called The Zig Zag, across the street from The Night Owl where Tim Hardin and Fred Neil often played, and which would soon spawn The Lovin’ Spoonful. Tim, for all his talent, was a very troubled young man. This is one of his classics, which I recorded and released in 2010. I was hoping to capture his inner turmoil, which I had so often seen. I believe, that to some extent, I did…..

Recorded by Tom Ghent for the express purpose of promoting Tom Ghent and his music. Treaty of Ghent (ASCAP) Written by Tim Hardin

Memorial Day

For all our veterans as well as all you Boomers and all of you who may not have lived through the history about which I wrote “WHEN ALL US OLD FOLKIES WERE YOUNG“… God bless you, and may God bless America.

And a fan replied –

Always love this song….I remember it well from that show in Somerville, MA, Tom. I think I’ve told you before that I was SO blown away by it then….still am. Such a wonderful telling for all of us boomers of that point in time.

Emily Gmitter

Big Muddy

I wrote this with my friends Dave Gillon, Joe Dougherty, and Don Goodman one Nashville morning in around ’73. We’d been up all night drinking beer, when suddenly the idea for this song appeared. The more we worked on it the more I felt the need for a Mississippi John Hurt type accompaniment. John had befriended me in my mid 60’s Gaslight days, and had a profound influence on me, in many ways – That said, “Let’s take a little trip down the Bayou together” !

Delta style southern rocker by Tom Ghent, David Gillon, Joe Dougherty, and Don Goodman

Bobby Goldsboro

Around 1973, I was walking down Music Row when I saw Bobby Goldsboro leaning against a car… As I passed him, he said, ” Aren’t you the guy who wrote Whiskey Whiskey” ? I said yes and he invited me to his office, where he asked if I had any songs for him… I said yes and he handed me a guitar… I played him this and one other… He recorded them both !

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