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Kristofferson Headlining National Fiddlers HOF ft SCOTT JOSS November 20, 2020

Kristofferson_Headlinging_ National_Fiddlers

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: PLEASE READ! The National Fiddler Hall of Fame induction scheduled for Friday, November 20th has been POSTPONED. With the increase in Covid cases and that affecting travel plans for so many, the decision was made to reschedule the ceremony for sometime in April when more of us can attend, and possibly even Kris can be there in person. Though it is disappointing that Scott will not be inducted this weekend, he (and all of us really) think this is the right decision. So come April 2021 – we will celebrate BIG TIME in PERSON and be there to share in Scott’s success. I can hardly wait! If you have tickets for the Gala, please contact either The Mabee Center or The National Fiddler Hall of Fame for more information on whether the tickets will automatically transfer or if refunds are available – LWR

We have all been waiting for Scott Joss and other 2020 inductees 2020 inductees Shoj Tabuchi/Dale Morris and Don Richwith a host of other talented greats to shine at this famed event.

Scott Joss’ International Fans

Kris’ fans have been avidly following Scott since he wowed and woed audiences worldwide during their tour last year (with the Strangers) through dates and miles that took them from the USA through Europe to Down Under.

Now Kris will be supporting Scott (virtually from Hawaii) and supporting his talented band member and friend during his induction into the National Fiddler Hall of Fame.

Scott Joss is a talented solo artist with several albums and awards of his own. The world class, distinctive fiddler has suported and shared the stage with icons like Dwight Yoakam, Merle Haggard and more. This is Scott’s night, and we only guess at how pleased Kris must be to honour him now. Indeed, he has already featured on Scott’s latest album.

The steller lineup and more details about the event are on the Mabee Website, which says this about Scott:

Scott Joss was often praised as the “heir to the Bakersfield throne” because of his early association with Tiny Moore and Merle Haggard and his later affiliation with Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam. Born in Long Beach and raised in Redding, Joss was a native Californian whose roots ran deep. He learned to play fiddle from Jana Jae, the one-time wife and fiddle player for Buck Owens & His Buckaroos. Befriended by one of Bob Wills’ surviving Playboys, Tiny Moore, Joss was encouraged to develop his talent on a professional level after winning numerous California State Fiddle Championships. In 1980, at the age of 18, he got the call from Haggard. His first show as one of the Strangers was at Carnegie Hall. Still a little green, Joss returned to Redding to continue working on his performance skills before joining up with Merle and the band on the road. While with the Strangers, Joss spent time with Bakersfield guitarman Roy Nichols, who saw great promise in the young fiddle player.

Leaving the road and Merle was a hard decision, but Joss wanted to begin work on a band of his own. After moving to Sacramento, he hooked up with Dennis Barney, another California player from the early days. Barney, who became mentor and friend to the fledgling frontman, showed Joss the ropes and became a member of his band. After playing around California for a while, Joss was spotted by Pete Anderson, who produced, arranged, led the band, and played guitar for Dwight Yoakam. Bringing Joss into the fold in 1988 allowed Anderson to keep an eye on him and his career growth. Commuting between Sacramento and Los Angeles became a way of life for Yoakam’s fiddle player and harmony vocalist. On the road and in the studio, Joss had a full-time job as a member of the Babylonian Cowboys. Still, whenever he was in Sacramento he would pull together Barney, brother-in-law Don Weeks, and some other players and work on his solo venture. Eight years after signing on with Yoakam, Anderson and respected L.A. producer/engineer/bassman Dusty Wakeman (Rosie Flores, Dwight Yoakam, the Lonesome Strangers, Reach Around) took Joss into the all new Mad Dog Studios to start work on his first solo project.

Souvenirs was released in 1996 and hit Gavin’s Americana chart with all the force of a fast moving train, landing at number seven. Top cuts included two Jim Lauderdale songs, “Stay Out of My Arms,” a traditional shuffle, and the anthemic “Doin’ Time in Bakersfield.” Also included was one Joss original, “I Never Got Anywhere With You,” which proved that Scott Joss was indeed a worthy successor to Buck, Merle, and all the rest who created the Bakersfield sound.

Official Information

Visit the website for information about the full lineup and how to grab a ticket for the 20 November, 2020.

There are various packages on offer, and it’s the big one! The MUST event of 2020.

Happy Reunion

Kris Kristofferson, to help induct his violin virtuoso Scott Joss, will be performing songs “Why Me Lord” and “Help Me Make It Through The Night” virtually in distance, but personally in spirit. The two have travelled a long way together, after all.

Fan Thanks

Scott Joss can be found on all of the well known social media sites, but for the best information and some inside tales, checkout his Fan Group. Huge thanks to Lisa Wisnoski Robbins and Carol Roshkind for their tireless effort in creating a bridge for Scott’s fans to reach out to him (any messages and congratulations will be seen by Scott himself), and again to Carol for her uncanny ability to capture the best photographs and footage of Kris, Scott (and other artists) – as well as her kind generosity in sharing her material with fans who are unable to attend gigs.

‘Photo credit Carol Roshkind