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Kristofferson Toowoomba Gig 2019

Kristofferson and the Strangers

The Kris Kristofferson Toowoomba Gig 2019 took place on 4 Oct at the Empire Theatre (1565 seats) as part of the Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers Australian tour.

Fans told us that this gig was well supported and thoroughly enjoyable. The crowd participated and the two-way love that flows between Kris (with the Strangers) and the audience was in full stream.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

” I found the whole night very emotional. My partner & I saw Kris at the Empire in 2014, never thought we would get the chance again and with the Strangers, still feels like a dream to me.”

Thanks to Sue Greenfield for sharing this gem.

Pilgrim 33 …

This might be the song that created the most lifelong fans. Who can forget the sound of Kris’ voice in the intro of the track on his debut album, “I started writing this song about Chris Gantry ….”

Thanks to Thanks to Shirrelle Jackman for netting and sharing this one with us.

Here Comes That Rainbow Again

Kris describes this song as his dear friend (and hero) Johnny Cash’ favourite song. Inspired by John Steinbeck (and possibly other thoughts, concerns and convictions), this is an emotive song about the flashes of kindness and spiritual greatness that sometimes spring out of man’s nature during the very worst of times.

I wonder if this song came from the same spark that ignited Kris’ early fiction writing. Is there a seed of it somewhere in the short story he wrote when still at college? Do The Rock and the Rainbow share ancestors? Either way, Shirrelle’s reaction to some of Kris’ work is easy to relate to.

“I’m not the starstruck type but I sat and cried in awe in the first song. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get the chance to see any of those legends.” Shirrelle Jackman

Audience & Fan Comments

  • I had a great time. Everyone sitting near me had a great time singing along with Kris. I got to meet Scott after the show. He is a very nice man to talk to – Meryl Wright
  • What a great show last night, so glad I drove the 5 hours to see them – Balladeers Brigalow
  • That man sounds great! Bless him! – Maxine Marcus
  •  I’ve enjoyed his music since I was 10 years old God Bless him -Wayne Holmes
  • Looking forward to seeing Kris tonight again in Caloundra. Know I’m in for a fantastic night. Love the guy. Thanks, Kris for the music and for being such a great person and inspiration – Gail Robertson
  • Unmistakable Kristofferson! He’s a poet, he’s a picker on that lonely road back home…You don’t want to hear me sing it – Mark Scott

Shout Outs to the Band

  • The opening song, right ? I love the instrumental support of each of the band, Scott, Doug and Jeff. It sounds so beautiful… – Tina Stapelfeldt
  • That fiddle is so beautiful . . . and that song of Kris’s is one of my favorites! Lisa Wisnoski Robbins
  •  Just a great Troop around Kris Love them all – Fefie Schwind

Okie from Muskogee

And the band plays …. Scott Joss on guitar instead of the fiddle. The Strangers (and Kris) performed with Merle Haggard many times. Salute.

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Featured pic is not from this gig, and Copyright N Nabney

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