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Welcome, Kris Fan

What we Do

Kris Kristofferson has enriched each of our lives in a meaningful way. We celebrate this by supporting the man and like-minded fans. We share with our stories, ‘photos and momentoes. We celebrate and preserve all things Kris – an American icon who has influenced lives all over the world by telling his truth and following his dreams.

What you can do

Grab a brew and make yourself at home. Interested in

Kris’ concerts? Check out our Gig Discussion

Era and friends? Visit Chris Gantry , Tom Ghent , Scott Joss

Veterans in your heart or on your mind? Songwriters for veterans

Movies more your thing?

If Kris Kristofferson has touched your life and you want to share the magic with others, learn or talk about the man, his life and work, or you are a friend or fan then we are glad you found us. I hope you enjoy exploring, reading and sharing your own tales with the rest of us.

If none of this resonates, then you should probably be somewhere else. If it happens, come back.

It? A lyric of a song playing on the radio grabs you and you know that this songwriter is talking only to you. He gets your situation, and he knows how you feel. That’s where fans come from.

Articles, posts and discussions are uniquely by friends and fans, for fans. Send in yours and help us to build this site.

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