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Kris Kristofferson Family Life

The Kris Kristofferson family unit is interesting because we are all shaped by our experiences. Some knowledge about Kris’ personal and family life might help those who want to analyse and understand his work overall, and his lyrics in particular.

There is a fine line separating useful background information from intrusion and gossip. Any notes we add here will all be in the public domain, or via word of mouth. Sources will be listed as clearly as practical.

Father – Henry Kristofferson – Air Force General

Siblings – Kraig and Karen

The family moved frequently from Texas and California to Hawaii and finally to Saudi Arabia, where the General became Aviation Manager of Aramco.

Karen Kirschenbauer (nee Kristofferson)

1965 Married George in Wiesbaden, Germany. Karen was living there teaching American children in Wiesbaden. George, a West Point graduate then Army Lieutenant stationed there at the time. Three sons were born of the marriage. The family moved 17 times – including two tours in Vietnam. George attained the rank of Full Colonel before the couple retired to Middleburg.

Karen took up acting in her later life. She appeared in films like Sommersby, The Jackel and The Exorcist III as well as working on commercials and appearing opposite Vanessa Redgrave in The Locket. Filming meant that she continued to move around a lot.

“Hard work, dedication and persistence do pay off,”

Karen Kirschenbauer

The above quote sounds like it could have been said by her brother, Kris Kristofferson. The siblings share an incredible work ethic.

Colonel George Kirschenbauer and Karen Kirschenbauer have the following children:

Kraig, Kevin and another son.

Sources: Obituary Karen Kirschenbauer, Washington Post

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