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The Johnny Cash Heritage Festival took place 19-21 October, 2017. The ARTISTS LINEUP included members of the Cash family and the three-time Grammy winner who Rosanne Cash calls “Uncle Kris” – Others know him as Kris Kristofferson,

It was more than a gig or a festival. The “heritage” aspect of the event provided another dimension – Time and care was taken to provide visitors with a glimpse into the area and the massive role it played in shaping Johnny Cash, and the wider Cash family.

Stalls, films and displays ensured an intimate, family friendly festival.

Fan Feedback

Kris’ fans turned out for the event.

“I was there with my girlfriend, it was like being in the presence of God.” – Rick Johnson

“That show was a good experience. Rosanne Cash was good also. I’d never seen that much cotton in one place.” – Kurt Terry

“My friend, Amber, and I were totally amazed at the cotton fields!” – Carol R.

Contributed by R Johnson

The concert was held in the field next to the place where the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, spent his childhhod. I knew from interviews and reports that Dyess, Ark. is cotton country. Fan observations about the sheer scale of cotton made me smile.

Kris Kristofferson and Rosanne Cash

The duo sing together, then Kris goes into a medley (the wind plays backup!)

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash

The movie, The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash, was released on YouTube Originals in November 2019. It is available free of charge (and advert free to YouTube Premium subscribers.)

This movie was made with the full cooperation of the Cash estate. It’s a documentary exploring the life of the complex and legendary Man in Black. It covers the ups and downs of his career as well as his personal life.

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