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Kris Kristofferson Worldwide News

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Kris has many fans throughout the world. News and updates about Kris’ work and art don’t feature as much in the wider media as they do in the USA.

I’ve been everywhere and I’ve seen everything there is.”

Out of Mind, Out of Sight – Kris Kristofferson

This site aims to change that, along with , the Facebook Group, the Facebook Page , Instagram and Twitter.

Much of our information is supplied by fans themselves. Kris himself does not use social media so we work for fans interested in Kristofferson’s life and work.


Kris and the Strangers The Barton Theatre, Adelaide, September 2019

Ken Burns Country Music documentary on PBS

Kris Kristofferson on the Sheryl Crow album, Threads

Chris Gantry / Kris Kristofferson – Tales & Music

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