Untrivial Facts

Eavesdropping on Tom Ghent

Joan Baez

If you listen closely you will hear Joan Baez singing behind me on this song of mine which I recorded in 1971. I did the same for her on her recording of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down“…. And Lord knows I love my friends !

Bobby Bare covered Tom Ghent’s Easy as Dreaming, released on the Sony label in 1983.

Tim Hardin

I knew Tim Hardin as far back as our Greenwich Village days, when I was playing a basket house, called The Zig Zag, across the street from The Night Owl where Tim Hardin and Fred Neil often played, and which would soon spawn The Lovin’ Spoonful. Tim, for all his talent, was a very troubled young man. This is one of his classics, which I recorded and released in 2010. I was hoping to capture his inner turmoil, which I had so often seen. I believe, that to some extent, I did…..

Recorded by Tom Ghent for the express purpose of promoting Tom Ghent and his music. Treaty of Ghent (ASCAP) Written by Tim Hardin

Memorial Day

For all our veterans as well as all you Boomers and all of you who may not have lived through the history about which I wrote “WHEN ALL US OLD FOLKIES WERE YOUNG“… God bless you, and may God bless America.

And a fan replied –

Always love this song….I remember it well from that show in Somerville, MA, Tom. I think I’ve told you before that I was SO blown away by it then….still am. Such a wonderful telling for all of us boomers of that point in time.

Emily Gmitter

Big Muddy

I wrote this with my friends Dave Gillon, Joe Dougherty, and Don Goodman one Nashville morning in around ’73. We’d been up all night drinking beer, when suddenly the idea for this song appeared. The more we worked on it the more I felt the need for a Mississippi John Hurt type accompaniment. John had befriended me in my mid 60’s Gaslight days, and had a profound influence on me, in many ways – That said, “Let’s take a little trip down the Bayou together” !

Delta style southern rocker by Tom Ghent, David Gillon, Joe Dougherty, and Don Goodman

Bobby Goldsboro

Around 1973, I was walking down Music Row when I saw Bobby Goldsboro leaning against a car… As I passed him, he said, ” Aren’t you the guy who wrote Whiskey Whiskey” ? I said yes and he invited me to his office, where he asked if I had any songs for him… I said yes and he handed me a guitar… I played him this and one other… He recorded them both !


“Sour Grapes”

Nowadays, there are accolades and acclaim when children excel in the arts. Parents beam with pride, teachers and trainers line up to tell us how it happened on national tv. It wasn’t always like that.

Truth be told – there is a long tradition of children and young people writing and performing their music without any fuss at all. Kris Kristofferson wrote his first song, I Hate Your Ugly Face when he was eleven. I don’t know when Tom Ghent wrote his first song, but this one from his teens, Sour Grapes, has everything that I love in a tune. From the mouths of babes, huh?

Listen Up

Where’d THAT Come From?

Best to let the artist tell it himself.

I wrote this song when I was 15… It falls somewhere between an anti-love song, and a protest song…. I really don’t know why, but by the mid-60s a whole bunch of folk singers had this as part of their “sing-along” repertoire….My late great friend, Hamilton Camp, is singing along with me on this cut, and Mama Cass put it out on 2 of her LPs in the early 70s….. Go figure !!!

Tom Ghent


When no more raindrops can fall from the sky,
All the mighty oceans have gone and are dry,
And the summer sun’s just as cold as the snow,
That’s when I’ll love you, baby,
That’s how you’ll know


Oh, but I'm only saying all this to make you feel bad
You could have been the best love that I've ever had
And then one day you turned your back on me
And it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me, don't ya

Now when every generation of children has grown and when all of man’s ideals have been overthrown and when the seeds of life are no longer being sown I will – that’s when I’ll need you, baby,
and call you my own


 Oh, but I'm only saying all this to make you feel bad
You could have been the best love that I've ever had
And then one day you turned your back on me
And it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me, don't ya

When just one key can open each and every door,
Yes, and when God and Mother don’t mean nothin’ anymore,
When there’s no fightin’ on any foreign shore – Ah well
That’s when you’ll know that I want you back once more


 Oh, but I'm only saying all this to make you feel bad
You could have been the best love that I've ever had
And then one day you turned your back on me
And it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me, don't ya
 it's sour grapes a-talkin' 'cause you hurt me,  don't ya

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Outlaw Bible

The Writing of the Outlaw Bible 2020

by Chris Gantry – Shared on New Years Day 2020

Over this year I have posted excerpts of what I call “The Outlaw Bible“.

What is the Outlaw Bible?

It is a book of insights into the world of the creative spirit that is responsible for all the beauty on the earth, principles that might even apply to things that happen after we leave this world.

Nashville Inspired

Being on the Nashville music scene since 1963 has made me privy to see a lot of wild and crazy stuff go down with the vibrant cast of characters I was connected too, and believe me, I was right in the thick of it along with them. I watched everything, heard everything, kept my ears open and sucked up all of those morsels of knowledge that swirled around me for decades.

We are the sum of all people we have ever metyou change the tribe and the tribe changes you.

Dirk Wittenborn – Fierce People

Real People

From each person I met, I took something of their creativity and added into my toolbox, styles, shapes, visions, revelations, and knowledge so that over time my own personal style of writing had the earmarks of all those iconic influences that were available to me without withholding or reservation; talk about being blessed, man!!!

Creative Manifesto

I took all those things that were given to me all these years and put them into a creative manifesto called “The Outlaw Bible” which contains the sum total of a life of playing in the sandbox of the creative spirit.


The writings do not tell anyone how to do anything but rather serves as a road map into the world of the spirit that if one takes that awesome honest leap, somewhere out there they will find the keys to the kingdom just as I have in the same spirit that Indiana Jones discovered the lost arc of the covenant.

It would behove any professional artist or novice to delve into it; it is meant to make the journey a bit more magical.

The Outlaw Bible is in its final edit and will be made available in 2020

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Scott Joss – National Fiddler Hall of Fame – It just sounds so …. right.

Scott Joss has been sharing the stage with Kris Kristofferson for a few years now. Doug Colosio, Jeff Ingraham (and sometimes the Haggard boys) complete the lineup.

Credit: Patrick Trujillo

We were thrilled to hear this news from Scott’s camp.

Scott just informed us that he was recently contacted by Jana Jae (his first fiddle teacher and Buck Owens’ first female Buckaroo!) that he is going to be inducted into the NATIONAL FIDDLER HALL OF FAME on April 18th, 2020, Kris has agreed to perform with him and it will be Scott’s night to shine! We don’t have any other details yet – and will keep everyone updated as we know more. We wanted you all to be one of the first to know.

Scott Joss Appreciation Group – Facebook

If you want to learn more about Scott or add your congratulations, visit the group. They are a really friendly bunch and most of the members are avid Kris fans, too.

Scott has a great talent – and an equally amazing spirit. Keep your eyes open for more details.

Photo Credit – Scott Joss Appreciation Group – Facebook