Outlaw Bible

The Writing of the Outlaw Bible 2020

by Chris Gantry – Shared on New Years Day 2020

Over this year I have posted excerpts of what I call “The Outlaw Bible“.

What is the Outlaw Bible?

It is a book of insights into the world of the creative spirit that is responsible for all the beauty on the earth, principles that might even apply to things that happen after we leave this world.

Nashville Inspired

Being on the Nashville music scene since 1963 has made me privy to see a lot of wild and crazy stuff go down with the vibrant cast of characters I was connected too, and believe me, I was right in the thick of it along with them. I watched everything, heard everything, kept my ears open and sucked up all of those morsels of knowledge that swirled around me for decades.

We are the sum of all people we have ever metyou change the tribe and the tribe changes you.

Dirk Wittenborn – Fierce People

Real People

From each person I met, I took something of their creativity and added into my toolbox, styles, shapes, visions, revelations, and knowledge so that over time my own personal style of writing had the earmarks of all those iconic influences that were available to me without withholding or reservation; talk about being blessed, man!!!

Creative Manifesto

I took all those things that were given to me all these years and put them into a creative manifesto called “The Outlaw Bible” which contains the sum total of a life of playing in the sandbox of the creative spirit.


The writings do not tell anyone how to do anything but rather serves as a road map into the world of the spirit that if one takes that awesome honest leap, somewhere out there they will find the keys to the kingdom just as I have in the same spirit that Indiana Jones discovered the lost arc of the covenant.

It would behove any professional artist or novice to delve into it; it is meant to make the journey a bit more magical.

The Outlaw Bible is in its final edit and will be made available in 2020

Credit: Featured pic is FreeArt

Kris Kristofferson Fargo 2019

Kris Kristofferson Fargo 2019 – What a night!

The gig at the Fargo Theatre went as smooth as a polished train. The evening never stopped there. After a band member from Dempsey’s left a note on the bus, Kris and his wife went downtown and kept the evening alive – Thrilling fans and friends alike.

Ed Gonzales said, “Saw him (Kris) again in Fargo last night. Feeling Nostalgic.
48 years of listening to his songs. The voice isn’t the same, but the words don’t change. He is truly an amazing storyteller. To miss his Willie Nelson award next week so as not to have to cancel a show demonstrates his dedication to the music. He sure doesn’t need to do this for the money. Truly a wonderful man and legacy.

It was a wonderful evening, and Doug Colosio shared this pic that Lisa Kristofferson took from the wings.

Night Out in Fargo

Kris and Lisa Kristofferson went out after the gig. The story goes that they arrived at Dempsey’s around 11.30 pm, and Kris joined the band, 32 Below, for some stage time.

See what Matthew Tinjum had to say ….

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Kris Kristofferson, Tom Ghent and John Lincoln Wright 1986

Kristofferson and Ghent 1986

Stagecoach, Blood and Orchids and the Last days of Jesse James were released, the miniseries Amerika was in production. The album, Repossessed, hit the stores. Kris Kristofferson was as busy in 1986 as he is today.

Moments that Matter

Life is made up of many moments. Even in 1986, Kris kept some time aside for himself, his friends, fellow songwriters and performers.

Kristofferson and Ghent (who wrote the song Whisky, Whisky which Kris recorded) had a surprise encounter.

Kris Kristofferson, Tom Ghent and John Lincoln Wright 1986

Courtesy Tom Ghent

This was taken backstage at a bandshell concert in Webster Ma. in 1986…..
Much to everyone’s surprise and delight, Kris had walked out on stage and joined me as I was singing “Whiskey Whiskey” In this photo, I have just introduced him to the late John Lincoln Wright who was sharing the bill with me.

Tom Ghent – Facebook post

Wonder if it is Raining there tonight

Listen to Tom Ghent on YouTube : This is from 1967

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