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Untrivial Facts

Untrivial Facts Eavesdropping on Tom Ghent.


The Narrow Path

The Narrow Path is a new song by Chris Gantry written as a tribute to his friend, Kris Kristofferson.

Outlaw Bible

The Writing of the Outlaw Bible 2020

by Chris Gantry – Shared on New Years Day 2020 Over this year I have posted excerpts of what I call “The Outlaw Bible“. What is the Outlaw Bible? It is a book of insights into the world of the creative spirit that is responsible for all the beauty on the earth, principles that might

Kris Kristofferson Fargo 2019

A night out in Fargo. After the gig on Saturday, Kris and Lisa Kristofferson popped downtown. Kris played some songs at Dempseys

Kris Kristofferson, Tom Ghent and John Lincoln Wright 1986

Kristofferson and Ghent 1986

Stagecoach, Blood and Orchids and the Last days of Jesse James were released, the miniseries Amerika was in production. The album, Repossessed, hit the stores. Kris Kristofferson was as busy in 1986 as he is today. Moments that Matter Life is made up of many moments. Even in 1986, Kris kept some time aside for himself,