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Doug Mckenna

I wish to offer this mini appreciation of Michael Cimino’s “Heaven’s Gate” here on this page because of our hero’s involvement in the film & because I strongly believe in the film. “Heaven’s Gate” was deemed a failure when it came out. A massive failure. A failure that busted a studio, destroyed it’s director’s career & dropped Kris Kristofferson from an “A List” Star to a “B” List Star. It was a disaster. Financially.

The critics, because of it’s troubled reputation & it’s excesses & because of the artistic integrity of it’s director, wanted it to be so. The studio, first in gutting it once, then in pulling it from release, then cutting it again before release, assured that it was a disaster. For them. One, really, of their own making.

It is not, however, an artistic disaster. In fact, far from it. Visually it is, in it’s own rather unique way, stunning. Beautiful & yet anti-beautiful &, in being so, even more beautiful. It’s scope, which is also it’s weight, it’s albatross, is marvelously appealing although, admittedly, hard to digest in one viewing & a viewing of this very long film is not one sitting. A pause button is a must in the taking in of this broad & heavy film. The script is good. At times very good. The cast is marvelous. The performances are very satisfying. Our man Kris, is very good indeed & is, I think, perfectly cast.

I think we see our hero, for Kris is our hero, in a fuller light, a fuller scope, than we had before & maybe since. Isabella Hupert & Christopher Walken are pitch perfect as is Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Sam Waterston & the rest of the cast.

The excesses are excesses. Effective excesses. Memorable, very memorable, for the color, the character they lend to the film & although they are indeed self indulgent of Mr. Cimino they are so in the way that makes this an artist work, an artist canvas, & not an artist assignment.

The music is lovely—richly satisfying—& works on many levels.

This is running too long & so I will bring it to a close with stating that though, admittedly, I can not watch this film without definitely being in the mood & that mood has been, in my past, drunk & depressed I do strongly suggest that everyone watch it again in the near future & not just to see our man Kris but to appreciate a fine & unusual piece of cinematic art—albeit safely on video in your home & at your leisure.

These are my thoughts on “Heaven’s Gate” & if it prompts yours then it’s been worth sharing.

Kirk Smith – On the Set

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Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation – Many Kristofferson fans might have never heard it. Anita watched a performance on YouTube and got Fans chatting about it in our Facebook Fan Group. The song is not well known, so these extracts might help others.

The Question

I have a question, after listening to Kris and Lorrie Morgan sing “Sweet Temptation”. I really like that song, and so far as I am aware, Kris has never recorded it. Does anyone know otherwise? I can’t even find the lyrics anywhere, so I don’t know if he ever published it either. There are other songs of the same name, but I can’t find any lyrics for this version. I tried transcribing it from this performance, but it’s difficult, especially when Lorrie sings, because she holds the microphone so close to her mouth. Since Kris is playing the guitar, he is farther from the mic and you can do a better job of catching the lyrics. Let me know if any of you have encountered any information about this sexy little song?

Anita Lay

The Performance

Jackie Boyle found the video that started the discussion. Kris Kristofferson and Lorrie Morgan performing Sweet Temptation

Kris Kristofferson and Lorrie Morgan – Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation – Song Lyrics

Hello, sweet temptation, you are such an old surprise
We’ve got all the feelin’s down by heart
Thank you for the welcome shot of welcome in your eyes
Let me tell the truth before we start.

Don’t you go no closer to the hunger in my heart
You know the danger if you do
Love is wild enough to tear the universe apart
I ain’t gonna take that chance with you.

“Cause I love my woman now, and I love my kids
I believe in tryin’ to be true
So I don’t fool around no more, sweetheart, but if I did
I’d sure like to fool around with you.

Hey, you old coyote, you don’t look so bad to me
I ain’t scared of anything you do
It just tears me up inside to know for just a while
I could even make believe in you.

But I love my woman now, and I love my kids
I believe in tryin’ to be true
So I don’t fool around no more, sweetheart, but if I did
I’d sure like to fool around with you.

Hello sweet temptation, you are such an old surprise.

The Experts

Kris’ fans are loyal and dedicated – They are also experts. Individually, every fan has a favourite something – song, era, performance, lyric, venue or topic. Collectively, they know everything I have ever asked or wondered about Kris Kristofferson – Though they might not always tell 🙂

The Discussion

I remember hearing this one, a favorite for sure, at several concerts, but not sure if it was ever released on any album. On Lori’s verses, she sings: “Hey, you old coyote, you don’t look so bad to me, I ain’t scared of anything you do. It just tears me up inside to know for just a while, I could even make believe in you.”

Emily Gmitter

I don’t think it was ever recorded. I had a copy of it on a cassette from a recording at a concert many years ago and thought that was the only record of it I was delighted to see the video. There were a couple more on there I’ve never heard since I think one was called Paper Heart.

Brigit Freeman

I think Paper Heart may have been sung by Elvis in the movie GI Blues. Not positive though

Laura Nickerson Papineau

I don’t remember Kris associated in any way with Paper Heart….now I’ll be tearing my brain up trying to recall any song with a reference to “paper heart”….maybe it was in the song, and Brigit just thought that was the title. But my brain keeps coming up empty.


With Mickey Raphael on harmonica …..

Victoria Gensheimer Doula

Mickey Raphael is not the only familiar face among the musicians. There are several musicians who appeared in Don Was’s documentary on the Highwaymen when they did their final album “The Road Goes On Forever” — the drummer, one of the guitarists, and Don Was is there, too. I recognize his hair and his hat. I’m not sure why they seemed to be the house band for this show, but they were.

Anita Lay

The Film – Paper / Cheating Hearts

Emily found the song on Tina Stapelfeldt’s channel, with the note, “The song is with the end credits to the movie “Paper Hearts” aka “Cheating Hearts” (1993)”

Kris Kristofferson plays a very small part in this film, most of the clips where he does appear are in the video.

The film was released under two names, Paper Hearts and Cheating Hearts – Adding to the confusion. Emily is going to watch the DVD and might tell us more later. We were all very pleased to hear that Kris Kristofferson does not die in this film, and we added it to our list.

In Summary

No known audio recording of the Kris Kristofferson song Sweet Temptation has been published or released. The song was performed on stage and filmed at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, for The American Music Shop telecast, which aired on The Nashville Network early 1990s. The lyrics have now been transcribed and checked by Kris’ fans. If you have anything to add, please leave us a comment.

How can I watch the PBS Country Music Ken Burns outside the USA?

The PBS special cannot be streamed by fans in Europe. It has had excellent reviews from our USA fans who can stream or watch it on their television.

The DVD and soundtrack is available via Amazon, and if you buy it through the site, we get a small comm at no extra cost to you – It really helps to keep our sites going.

Emily raised a good point. Be sure to select the DVD that’s right for your region….this link will take you to the one formatted for the US and Canada or the one from the UK



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Kristofferson doesn’t Die in these Films

Kris Kristofferson doesn’t die in all of his films. If you cannot watch the end of A Star is Born but you enjoy watching Kris Kristofferson on film, here are a few ideas.

This is a list of movies provided by fans, and we will add to it. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Another Pair of Aces

Black Orchid ?

Blood and Orchids

Blue Rodeo

Blume in Love

Cheating Hearts (AKA Paper Hearts)

Christmas in Connecticut

Cisco Pike


Dance With Me

Dolphin Tale 1 & 2



Girls’ Night Out

Heaven’s Gate

Lives of the Saints

(the) Long Kill

Midnight Stallion


Night of the Cyclone

No Place to Hide

Outlaw Justice

Pair of Aces

Paper Hearts AKA Cheating Hearts – (Thank you, Tina!)


Room 10 – A short film




The Greening of Whitney Brown

The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck


Trouble in Mind (?? jury is still out)

Welcome Home

Wooly Boys

TradeWelcome HomeWooly Boys

If you want to add more films to our list of movies where Kristofferson doesn’t die, then drop us a comment.