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Kristofferson Rams Head 2019

Ram’s Head Tavern

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Set list included Here Comes That Rainbow Again, Best of all Possible Worlds, Feeling Mortal, From Here to Forever and Sing Me Back home

Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate Discussion

Heaven’s Gate Review : The excesses are excesses. Effective excesses. Memorable, very memorable, for the color, the character they lend to the film & although they are indeed self indulgent of Mr. Cimino they are so in the way that makes this an artist work, an artist canvas, & not an artist assignment.


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Fading into obscurity is never an option in the minds of we who have labored over self expression – Chris Gantry

Kris & Sheryl Crow

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Kris and Sheryl Crow – The lists of greats just keeps on growing to make this THE album of albums.