Kristofferson @ Canberra

Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers performed at Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on 25 September 2019. Jen Seyderhelm was there. She tells us about her experience on the night.

A new project idea I am dabbling with. A Mum, aged 42, goes out on random weeknights and gets her gig on.

J Seyderhelm 27 September 2019

On the day of Kris’s concert, I had a job interview. To unwind afterwards I popped into my favourite second hand shop where they had a couple of country music love song albums for the princely sum of $1 each. Two caught my eye and, as I entered the shop proper, I left them with the elderly gent behind the counter so that I didn’t have to carry them around.

About a minute later, Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire bursts out of the store speakers. I’m surprised, as usually when you buy a CD the shop doesn’t voluntarily play it for you. The elderly gent had found my music taste to his liking. He’d also found that the second album, which I had not yet checked, actually contained two Foster and Allen CDs.

We had a bizarre conversation where he thought I was trying to sneak out with some Foster and Allen, and I was trying to make sure I still got my country, when a woman jostled me from behind.

She was in her seventies and shimmying around the shop like a debutant.

“Oh, I love this music. It makes me feel like dancing!” And she spun off again around a clothes rack. I felt I was in a safe space so I announced to everyone,

“I’m seeing Kris Kristofferson tonight.” The shimmying woman came up to me a couple of minutes later and said,
“I saw him twice! Once in 1984. I also saw him in America. I lived there for a few years. That’s where I fell in love with country music. And bourbon.”

My date for Kris is the person who idolises him more than anyone in Australia, possibly in the entire universe. This person recently sent me a screen shot of their email account. I noticed that they had individual folders for family and friends and then about five folders for Kris! I teased them that Kris was the love of their life. He simply agreed.

Prior to the concert there was an article in the paper reviewing Kris’s concert in Melbourne the previous weekend. There were references to being in the “presence of greatness” and the voice being a bit wispy (Kristofferson is 83 after all). Having seen Burt Bacharach about a year before, who’d utilised backing singers (a good idea, based on his extensive repertoire) over his voice (merely a whisper) made me worry a little about this hero not living up to expectations. As Kris walked carefully to the microphone, I held my breath.

And then he sang.

Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on 25 September 2019. ‘Photo Credit, Jayce Flaxman

Yes, his voice is not quite what it was, but the poetry and the magic remained. Yes, there was very little banter and at times it felt like the warmth of the bond he shares with the fiddle man from the Strangers, Scott Joss, physically held him up, but, as my concert buddy said, “he’s still Kris.”

If you’ve ever stood on stage at a gig, you’ll know that once the stage lights are up and the audience lights go down, you can’t see your mother in the front row. We were that “mother” in the front row and yet I felt like Kris was singing to me. Scott was definitely making eye contact. I swear I got a wink. The first half before intermission was so deeply personal an experience that I ran out of tissues.

Whenever Kris would hit you in the heart, he’d pair it up with something silly or lighter to follow. Jesus was a Capricorn was a romping stomping delight.

Jesus Was A Capricorn

Toward the conclusion I blew Kris a kiss. Obviously, mid song, he was in no position to catch it and throw it back, but I know it landed on his cheek, and that he felt it. When the final song, Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends, was done, Kris was whisked off stage and the lights came up before the stamping and encore cheers could start proper. The great man was done. He won’t return to Australia.

Scott Joss came out to help pack up. He was as lovely and warm in person as he had been on stage. He’d seen us. Those moments where it felt like Kris was singing for me alone were real.

Llewellyn Hall, Canberra on 25 September 2019. ‘Photo Credit, Jayce Flaxman

Sunday night I’m going to enjoy my first death metal concert. Until then, Kris, Scott and outlaw country will help me make it through tonight.

Featured pic is CC

Kris Kristofferson Canberra ticket 2019

Kristofferson Morwell 2019

Kris Kristofferson performed with Scott Joss, Doug Colosio and Jeff Ingraham at Kernot Hall, Morwell on 24 September as part of their extensive Australia / New Zealand tour.


Kernot Hall, Morwell.

Australian Tour

The tour has been a great success so far. This night was no different. Australia welcomed Kris and the band with open arms, and they have had a wonderful time, despite the hectic schedule.

Fantastic night, I couldn’t stop smiling. Sadly it couldn’t last forever but it certainly was a night to remember. Kris’s voice was so strong and never wavered and he looked very well.

Patricia Ann

Australian Tour Promo Video

A quick flip through the photographs taken by the band members shows that they have made the most of their time Down Under. Scott Joss enjoys long, scenic walks exploring the area with his wife. Doug Colosio and Jeff Ingraham have been making time to take in some tours. They are all, including Kris, looking surprisingly relaxed – Almost as if they were on vacation.

Morwell Setlist

Gig Pic

Taken at the Morwell Gig, with thanks to Patricia Ann

Fans have spoken very highly of Scott and Judy Joss – many have never seen any of the band members before this tour. Scott has been doing most of the meeting and greeting. His wife, Judy has been running the busy merchandise stall.

Scott was fantastic very friendly and easy to talk with, as was Judy. I certainly hope that this will not be last time I see of any of them again.

Patricia Ann

We are confident it won’t be, Patricia – Your country has been so very welcoming that I am sure they will want to return.

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Strangers in Brisbane

Strangers in Brisbane 2019

Kris and the Strangers in Brisbane 2019 is a concert with a very human review. A tale of men, mentors and just a touch of magic on Saturday, 5th October at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Scotty Wilko joined us (Kris Kristofferson Appreciation Group) in May this year. At the time, he was hoping that Kris Kristofferson might tour Australia. It seemed very unlikely. Kris had been touring extensively with the Strangers and everyone figured that all of the guys might be long overdue for a break once the Euro tour ended – If it ended. The schedule and booking list just kept on growing, and the tour seemed endless, much to the delight of fans on this side of the pond.

The Australia / New Zealand tour was announced just a few weeks later. Nobody saw it coming, but Scotty’s hope had become a reality. He shared the good news with our fan group.

Howdy Everyone – I got my tickets for Kris today for Brisbane Australia. Yeah Baby. Can’t wait I hope he sings Why Me Lord. The Pilgrim chapter 33. Holy Creation etc etc
So many other great songs

Scott Wilko, 19 June 2019

Tickets to see Kris on stage are like gold dust – So fans were surprised when Scotty announced soon after that he was selling the two tickets he had recently snapped up – Great tickets, just a few rows from the front, are hard to come by. His explanation was brief – Just that he was unable to attend. He did say that he was crying as he typed the post – But we do live an emoji world. Many of us wished we lived in Australia (some considered flying out!) – We hoped the tickets would go to someone who really appreciated them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website.

Just before the concert, Scotty told us his story. It went something like this.

Truth Be Told

I posted something about how I couldn’t make the Kris Kristofferson concert tonight in Brisbane a while back.
There was a bit more to this Story and I would like to share with you lovely people.
About 3 months ago I went through difficult times in my life.

I got made redundant from my job
My beautiful dog had a big 1kg tumour removed
My partner of over 10 years walked out on me for no reason, and more.

I sat looking at my TWO Kris Kristofferson tickets, thinking that there was just no way in hell that I was going to that concert by myself – I’d feed the tickets to my paper shredder before that happened. I had tried re-selling them on a number of sites, but somehow, they just never sold.

A couple of nights later, I was looking up at the stars asking the universe, why? Why me? Was I meant to go? It occurred to me that I would really have liked to be telling everyone (fellow fans) that I was about to go to the show by myself, and couldn’t wait. But …

I rang the venue. Unbelievably, there was a poster that I could have if I turned up and just collected it. It was then that I thought that somehow, my angels wanted me at that concert. I wrote the post –

Thank you, everyone, and bless you all too. I missed out on seeing the Highwaymen a long time ago for stupid reasons I’m not missing out on this.

Scotty Wilko

Kristofferson and the Strangers, Brisbane

We are a group of Kris Kristofferson / Strangers fans. We share our momentoes, stories, pictures and memories with each other – often as review posts on our websites or in our group. Scotty’s feedback from the Brisbane concert is even more of a pleasure to share than usual.

Favourite Songs – Check

Most fans have one or more favourite songs, and they enjoy a concert a lot more if these songs are on the setlist. Kris and the Strangers performed both of the songs at the top of Scotty’s wish list. He was hoping they would perform Why Me and Pilgrim 33.

Shipwrecked in the Eighties

Recordings can be tricky at gigs. We enjoy watching them, as long as capturing them doesn’t spoil the experience for either the fan or anyone else in the audience. Scotty managed to get some footage for us – Kris sounds wonderful, the band are polished but spontaneous, and the crowd is engaged and singing along. Perfect. A lovely and lively time, enjoyed by all.

And the truth slowly dawns that you’re lost and alone in deep water
And you don’t even know how much longer there is to go on

Scotty – from the Venue

I am here at the Kristofferson concert – I can’t believe it
You won’t believe it. I asked for a poster and Scott Joss took it
He is going to ask Kris and all of the Strangers to sign it!
Wow 😲 how cool is that? If this message sounds all over the place it is because I’m shaking as I’m typing it.
I can’t believe it – Jesus loves me.
Thank you everyone for your kind words – I love you all.

Strangers in Brisbane
Kris and the strangers signed the poster for me. I’m going to get it framed with the concert ticket and the picture of Scott Joss all in one frame and mount it on my wall in my music room.
I have guitars a banjo plus a ukulele and a 3 string cigar box guitar in my music room or should I say man cave. Music is the gateway to the soul it’s beautiful

Meet and Greet with Scott Joss

What a man and legend. I learnt a lot tonight – Scott spoke about his experiences sharing the stage with Merle Haggard – Another one of my country heroes – as a member of his band. As he spoke, it actually felt like Merle was with us.


Kris Kristofferson concerts can be a very personal experience for a fan. Kris communicates. On one level, his albums over the decades make up part of the soundtrack to a persons life – Either directly, or through a parent or a key person. On another level, Kris music talks to people when they face the most challenging of times in their loves or life – and is also a songwriter who has created songs which other artists have interpreted and made their own. A lot happens in the mind, spirit and heart of a fan at a gig while they sing along and tap their toes.

The strangers compliment Kris extremely well. They are all professional artists in their own right, collectively upholding their part of the huge legacy of Merle Haggard. There is nothing simple about “Three chords and truth”.

The concert in Brisbane was a memorable one for Scotty Wilko who provided the insight and material for this review.

The stage work exceeded expectations – So the concert itself was great (in the least overused sense of the word).

Scott Joss

Scott Joss was incredibly kind and helpful to this one person in the crowd. Scott is known for his grace and charm as well as for his skill – but he went beyond anything that could have been expected or asked of him on Saturday night.

Kris, Doug and Jeff

Kris went out of his way to provide an autograph that will be treasured for life, and this just would not have worked out so perfectly if not for Doug Colosio and Jeff Ingraham doing their bit to make sure that the prized autographed poster was produced with a full house of autographs.

I would also like to add a special thank you to the guys who do all they can to keep fans updated on how the tour is going, the sights and the trivia that means so much to your fans. Thank you for allowing us to share the little things about your lives that keep things real for us.

Great job – and thank you for going the extra mile on top of the thousands upon thousands of miles that you have already travelled taking your art and music to the fans.

I might be crying as I write this. We live in an emoji world after all – So I think that’s ok. On Saturday the 5th of October this year, you delighted thousands of fans and did the same for one individual fan, too. We think you are amazing.

Kristofferson and the Strangers

Kristofferson Toowoomba Gig 2019

The Kris Kristofferson Toowoomba Gig 2019 took place on 4 Oct at the Empire Theatre (1565 seats) as part of the Kris Kristofferson and the Strangers Australian tour.

Fans told us that this gig was well supported and thoroughly enjoyable. The crowd participated and the two-way love that flows between Kris (with the Strangers) and the audience was in full stream.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

” I found the whole night very emotional. My partner & I saw Kris at the Empire in 2014, never thought we would get the chance again and with the Strangers, still feels like a dream to me.”

Thanks to Sue Greenfield for sharing this gem.

Pilgrim 33 …

This might be the song that created the most lifelong fans. Who can forget the sound of Kris’ voice in the intro of the track on his debut album, “I started writing this song about Chris Gantry ….”

Thanks to Thanks to Shirrelle Jackman for netting and sharing this one with us.

Here Comes That Rainbow Again

Kris describes this song as his dear friend (and hero) Johnny Cash’ favourite song. Inspired by John Steinbeck (and possibly other thoughts, concerns and convictions), this is an emotive song about the flashes of kindness and spiritual greatness that sometimes spring out of man’s nature during the very worst of times.

I wonder if this song came from the same spark that ignited Kris’ early fiction writing. Is there a seed of it somewhere in the short story he wrote when still at college? Do The Rock and the Rainbow share ancestors? Either way, Shirrelle’s reaction to some of Kris’ work is easy to relate to.

“I’m not the starstruck type but I sat and cried in awe in the first song. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get the chance to see any of those legends.” Shirrelle Jackman

Audience & Fan Comments

  • I had a great time. Everyone sitting near me had a great time singing along with Kris. I got to meet Scott after the show. He is a very nice man to talk to – Meryl Wright
  • What a great show last night, so glad I drove the 5 hours to see them – Balladeers Brigalow
  • That man sounds great! Bless him! – Maxine Marcus
  •  I’ve enjoyed his music since I was 10 years old God Bless him -Wayne Holmes
  • Looking forward to seeing Kris tonight again in Caloundra. Know I’m in for a fantastic night. Love the guy. Thanks, Kris for the music and for being such a great person and inspiration – Gail Robertson
  • Unmistakable Kristofferson! He’s a poet, he’s a picker on that lonely road back home…You don’t want to hear me sing it – Mark Scott

Shout Outs to the Band

  • The opening song, right 😊 I love the instrumental support of each of the band, Scott, Doug and Jeff. It sounds so beautiful… – Tina Stapelfeldt
  • That fiddle is so beautiful . . . and that song of Kris’s is one of my favorites! Lisa Wisnoski Robbins
  •  Just a great Troop around Kris Love them all – Fefie Schwind

Okie from Muskogee

And the band plays …. Scott Joss on guitar instead of the fiddle. The Strangers (and Kris) performed with Merle Haggard many times. Salute.

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Featured pic is not from this gig, and Copyright N Nabney